The Temperature of Love’ OST Album

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The Temperature of Love’ OST album release!

This album contains all the songs from the drama to the BGM, so you can see the songs that express the feelings of the drama in one place.

The album consists of two CDs, CD1 of the album, ‘You Are’ by the girl group Omai Girl, ‘I Love’ of the galaxy (girlfriend), ‘I Still’ of ‘Cheese’ You Must Be ‘,’ Stella Chang’s ‘Ending Only You Know Me’, and Prom’s ‘Wonderful Moment’.
This is the beginning of video music that has produced many hit songs through works such as ‘Thieving Thief’, ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’, ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘City Hunter’, ‘Sun of the Lieutenant’

You can feel the impressions and liveliness of the drama with the collection of BGM which maximizes beautiful and delicate story and visual beauty unique to ‘Temperature of Love’.

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01. You Are [승희(오마이걸)]
02. 사랑 ing [은하(여자친구)]
03. I Still [치즈(CHEEZE)]
04. 꼭 너여야 해 [봉구]
05. 나만 아는 엔딩 [스텔라장(Stella Jang)]
06. Wonderful moment [프롬(Fromm)]
07. 좋았다 말았다 [차희(멜로디데이)]
08. 그때엔 [정흠밴드]
09. 유난히 빛나(Feat.이지은) [김선경]
10. I Still (Piano Ver.) [치즈(CHEEZE)]
11. You Are INST.
12. 사랑 ing INST.
13. I Still INST.
14. 꼭 너여야 해 INST.
15. 나만 아는 엔딩 INST.
16. Wonderful Moment INST.
17. 좋았다 말았다 INST.
18. 그때엔 INST.
19. 유난히 빛나 INST.
20. I Still (Piano Ver.) INST
01. Rising Temperature
02. Love Step
03. Blooming Love
04. Brand New-Day
05. Between Us
06. Lost Smile
07. Love Temperature
08. Let Me Know You
09. Feel Good Soup
10. Cooking Melody
11. For 5 Years
12. Different View
13. Don’t Pass Me By
14. Singing Bird
15. Heartbreak Today
16. Please Look At Me
17. You Are My Home
18. The Man In A Suit
19. What Happen
20. Misty Swan
21. Broken Promise
22. Hot In Cold
23. Hold My Hand
24. Secret Garden
25. Green Day
26. Too Close To Breathe
27. Bring Me Tomorrow
28. Platonic Love
29. Waltz With Me (Opening Title)
30. Young Forever
31. Nothing In My World
32. Keep Going On
33. Ready For Love



(It Has To Be You) Bonggu


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