Korean Drama: Suspicious Partner OST

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SBS Drama Suspicious Partner OST

This album contains all the songs from the drama to the BGM (background music), so you can see the songs that have enhanced the immersion of the drama in one place.

This OST has attracted the attention of high viewers through the lineup of various artists. In the OST, Hyundai duo band ‘Shin Hyeon Hee and Kim Route’ participated and attracted the attention, made by Indigenous Owen, singer songwriter cheese (CHEEZE).  In addition, R & B singers Radi and Bumkie participated in the singing, and the emotional lines of the characters were shone. Idol group ‘Monster X’ Ji Hyun showed ‘unforgettable vocal ability’ with the song ‘I got tired’. Nell’s Kim Jong-wan added her sad feelings to her songs, and Ji Chang-wook, who played the role of Noh Ji Wook in the last OST, made her feelings more colorful.

Lastly, Nam Hye Seung, the best music director in Korea, who captivated the audience with sweet music in ‘The Envy of Jealousy’ and ‘The Beast’, produced the album with perfection.

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01. Silly Love [유하정]
02. 너는 왜 (Why you?) [신현희와김루트]
03. 어떻게 말할까 [오왠 (O.WHEN)]
04. 어떨까 넌 [CHEEZE (치즈)]
05. 눈맞춤 (Acoustic Ver.) [김이지 (꽃잠프로젝트)]
06. 똑같은 날 [라디]
07. 숨쉬는 모든 날 [범키]
08. 정이 들어버렸어 [기현 (몬스타엑스)]
09. 그날의 기억 [김종완 Of NELL]
10. 네가 좋은 백한가지 이유 [지창욱]
11. 어떻게 말할까 (Acoustic ver.) [오웬(O.WHEN)]
12. 눈맞춤 (Acoustic ver.) [김이지 (꽃잠프로젝트)]
13. 그날의 기억 (Acoustic ver.) [김종완(NELL)]
01. 나무그늘아래
02. 더러운데 이뻐
03. 지욱을 바라보는 봉희
04. Memory of past
05. 네곁에 있어줄게
06. Home
07. 쓸쓸한 오후
08. 한걸음 더 가까이
09. 너의 어깨에 기대어
10. 기억 저편에
11. A ring of suspicion
12. 어떨까 넌 (Guitar ver.)
13. Silly Love (inst)
14. 너는 왜 (inst)
15. 어떻게 말할까 (inst)
16. 어떨까 넌 (inst)
17. 눈맞춤 (Full ver.) (inst)
18. 똑같은 날 (inst)
19. 숨쉬는 모든 날 (inst)
20. 정이 들어버렸어 (inst)
21. 그날의 기억 (inst)
22. 네가 좋은 백한가지 이유 (inst)


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