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KBS2 drama “Manhole – The Strange Country” OST]

KBS-2 is a music director who has played various musical works such as drama studying god, president, heritage of one hundred years, full of sun, Mureum school,
From PART 1 to 9, a wide range of genres and vocal singers participated in the event, adding a variety of emotions and musical richness.
Among them, Louie (Giggs) and his lover Haya Nagano, who became a deceased turtle “plane” in the 2000s, left a lot of hits and got attention with a new atmosphere.
And the mountains (B1A4) are now singing alone, and now the song is tender, and the variety of genres and mood adds to the richness and merry me, who has recently emerged as a strong musician.


CD 1

  1. 비행기 (Feat. 하야나) – 루이(긱스)
  2. 너의 앞으로 – 수윤(로열파이럿츠)
말해줘 – 산들(B1A4)
  4. 쉿! 비밀인데 – 노르웨이 숲
  5. RUN A WAY – 유키스
  6. 너에게 – 김이지 (꽃잠프로젝트)
  7. STAY WITH ME – 김지수
  8. 사랑이 찾아와 – 마크툽
  9. WITH YOU – 케빈 오

CD 2

  1. 맨홀속으로
  2. 순수청년 봉필
  3. Don’t go baby (Feat. 회장님) – 임직원일동
  4. 달려라, 봉필! (Feat. 회장님) – 임직원일동
  5. 봉쓰 패밀리
  6. Feel So Sexy
  7. 이상한 나라의 필 (사탕요정의 춤)
  8. 나지막히 너를 부를 때
  9. 18. ETERNITY


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